The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was established by the Acts of Union 1800, which merged the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland , After Ireland independence became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

{{Infobox Former Country

|native_name            =Great Britain and Ireland 

|conventional_long_name = United Kingdom of<br />Great Britain and Ireland

|common_name            = United Kingdom

|continent              = Europe

|region                 = British Isles

|country                = Great Britain and Ireland

|status                 = State union

|year_start             = 1801

|year_end               = 1922

|life_span              = 1801-1922&sup1;

|event_start            = [[Act of Union 1800]]

|date_start             = [[1 January]]

|event2                 = [[Anglo-Irish Treaty|Irish independence]]

|date_event2            = [[6 December]], [[1922]]

|event_end              = [[Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927|UK name changed]]

|date_end               = [[12 April]], [[1927]]

|p1                     = Kingdom of Great Britain

|flag_p1                = Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg

|p2                     = Kingdom of Ireland

|flag_p2                = Flag_President_of_Ireland.svg

|s1                     = United Kingdom

|flag_s1                = Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

|s2                     = Irish Free State

|flag_s2                = Flag of Ireland.svg

|image_flag             = Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

|image_coat             = Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952).svg|100px

|image_map              = Location Great Britain and Ireland.png

|image_map_caption      = Territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until 1922

|national_motto         = ''[[Dieu et mon droit]]''{{spaces|2}}([[French language|French]])²<br /><small>"God and my right"</small>

|national_anthem        = ''[[God Save the Queen|God Save the King (Queen)]]''

|capital                = [[London]]

|latd=51 |latm=30 |latNS=N |longd=0 |longm=07 |longEW=W

|common_languages       = [[English language|English]]³

|government_type        = Constitutional monarchy

|title_leader           = [[List of monarchs in the British Isles|Monarch]]

|leader1                = [[George III of the United Kingdom|George III]]

|year_leader1           = 1801–1820

|leader2                = [[George IV of the United Kingdom|George IV]]

|year_leader2           = 1820–1830

|leader3                = [[William IV of the United Kingdom|William IV]]

|year_leader3           = 1830–1837

|leader4                = [[Victoria of the United Kingdom|Victoria]]

|year_leader4           = 1837–1901

|leader5                = [[Edward VII of the United Kingdom|Edward VII]]

|year_leader5           = 1901–1910

|leader6                = [[George V of the United Kingdom|George V]] 

|year_leader6           = 1910–1927 (cont.)

|title_deputy           = [[Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister]]

|deputy1                = [[William Pitt the Younger]]

|year_deputy1           = 1801–1801

|deputy2                = [[Stanley Baldwin]]  

|year_deputy2           = 1924–1927 (cont.)

|legislature            = [[Parliament of the United Kingdom|Parliament]]

|house1                 = [[House of Lords]]

|house2                 = [[British House of Commons|House of Commons]]

|stat_year1             = 1801

|stat_area1             = 315093

|stat_pop1              = 16345646 

|stat_year2             = 1921

|stat_area2             = 315093

|stat_pop2              = 42769196 

|currency               = Pound sterling

|footnotes              = <sup>1</sup> The [[Irish Free State]] seceded from the United Kingdom in 1922 as a result of the [[Anglo-Irish Treaty]], but this fact was not reflected in the long-form name of United Kingdom until [[Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927|Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act]] in 1927. The current British state, the [[United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland]], is universally accepted to be a direct continuation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and should not be imagined to be a break from it or a new state formed after it.<br />² The Royal motto used in Scotland was {{lang|la|''[[Nemo Me Impune Lacessit]]''}} ([[Latin]] for "No-one provokes me with impunity").<br />³ In addition to [[English language|English]] (official status established by precedent), [[Irish language|Irish]], [[Scottish Gaelic]], and [[Welsh language|Welsh]] were spoken regionally.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was the formal name of the United Kingdom from 1 January 1801 until 12 April 1927.