United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland , After Ireland independence became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

{{Infobox Former Country

|native_name            =Great Britain and Ireland 

|conventional_long_name = United Kingdom of<br />Great Britain and Ireland

|common_name            = United Kingdom

|continent              = Europe

|region                 = British Isles

|country                = Great Britain and Ireland

|status                 = State union

|year_start             = 1801

|year_end               = 1922

|life_span              = 1801-1922&sup1;

|event_start            = [[Act of Union 1800]]

|date_start             = [[1 January]]

|event2                 = [[Anglo-Irish Treaty|Irish independence]]

|date_event2            = [[6 December]], [[1922]]

|event_end              = [[Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927|UK name changed]]

|date_end               = [[12 April]], [[1927]]

|p1                     = Kingdom of Great Britain

|flag_p1                = Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg

|p2                     = Kingdom of Ireland

|flag_p2                = Flag_President_of_Ireland.svg

|s1                     = United Kingdom

|flag_s1                = Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

|s2                     = Irish Free State

|flag_s2                = Flag of Ireland.svg

|image_flag             = Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

|image_coat             = Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952).svg|100px

|image_map              = Location Great Britain and Ireland.png

|image_map_caption      = Territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until 1922

|national_motto         = ''[[Dieu et mon droit]]''{{spaces|2}}([[French language|French]])²<br /><small>"God and my right"</small>

|national_anthem        = ''[[God Save the Queen|God Save the King (Queen)]]''

|capital                = [[London]]

|latd=51 |latm=30 |latNS=N |longd=0 |longm=07 |longEW=W

|common_languages       = [[English language|English]]³

|government_type        = Constitutional monarchy

|title_leader           = [[List of monarchs in the British Isles|Monarch]]

|leader1                = [[George III of the United Kingdom|George III]]

|year_leader1           = 1801–1820

|leader2                = [[George IV of the United Kingdom|George IV]]

|year_leader2           = 1820–1830

|leader3                = [[William IV of the United Kingdom|William IV]]

|year_leader3           = 1830–1837

|leader4                = [[Victoria of the United Kingdom|Victoria]]

|year_leader4           = 1837–1901

|leader5                = [[Edward VII of the United Kingdom|Edward VII]]

|year_leader5           = 1901–1910

|leader6                = [[George V of the United Kingdom|George V]] 

|year_leader6           = 1910–1927 (cont.)

|title_deputy           = [[Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister]]

|deputy1                = [[William Pitt the Younger]]

|year_deputy1           = 1801–1801

|deputy2                = [[Stanley Baldwin]]  

|year_deputy2           = 1924–1927 (cont.)

|legislature            = [[Parliament of the United Kingdom|Parliament]]

|house1                 = [[House of Lords]]

|house2                 = [[British House of Commons|House of Commons]]

|stat_year1             = 1801

|stat_area1             = 315093

|stat_pop1              = 16345646 

|stat_year2             = 1921

|stat_area2             = 315093

|stat_pop2              = 42769196 

|currency               = Pound sterling

|footnotes              = <sup>1</sup> The [[Irish Free State]] seceded from the United Kingdom in 1922 as a result of the [[Anglo-Irish Treaty]], but this fact was not reflected in the long-form name of United Kingdom until [[Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927|Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act]] in 1927. The current British state, the [[United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland]], is universally accepted to be a direct continuation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and should not be imagined to be a break from it or a new state formed after it.<br />² The Royal motto used in Scotland was {{lang|la|''[[Nemo Me Impune Lacessit]]''}} ([[Latin]] for "No-one provokes me with impunity").<br />³ In addition to [[English language|English]] (official status established by precedent), [[Irish language|Irish]], [[Scottish Gaelic]], and [[Welsh language|Welsh]] were spoken regionally.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was the formal name of the United Kingdom from 1 January 1801 until 12 April 1927.